What is Success Books Review Doing?

Hello and welcome to Success Books Review on our new YouTube channel.

My name’s Johnny and I’m here to give you reviews on the very best of personal and professional development books.

I created Success Books Review especially for coaches, professional speakers, content creators, professional trainers and committed life-long learners.

My goal is to help you take the guesswork out of which books are most worth your investment of time, money and energy… and why?

When I first became a coach I had no idea about the foundational knowledge the personal development industry is built on. I became an insatiable learner. I read a lot of great books and a lot of not so great books.

There’s a myriad of information products and services out there: books, audiobooks, podcasts, Ted Talks, live training, blinks and more that we try to fill our brains with in order to grow. My belief is that it’s more important to know the best information really well and that as an experienced and successful coach I can guide you to treasures of knowledge.

Each week I will post up review videos like this…

I’ll sometimes add bonus videos and talks as well as access to free mind maps for all the books I review. All you need to do to get all of this is hit subscribe below. So, go ahead and do that now, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next time on Success Books Review.