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Hello and welcome to Success Books Review. I’m Johnny, and I’m here with reviews of the very best in personal and professional development books. As a coach, speaker, trainer and committed lifelong learner it can be difficult to know what to learn, from whom and how to make the most of your learning time. I started up Success Books Review to help you take the guesswork out if which books are worth your investment of time, money and energy, and why?  

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This week I will be reviewing… Secrets of the millionaire mind – Mastering the inner game of wealth, by T.Harv Eker.

Why read it? As every good coach knows, all success starts with mindset. We all grow up with beliefs and values based on our influences and environment. Some of those beliefs and values may be serving us well, some may sabotaging us.. This book starts to uncover some of those damaging beliefs and expectations around money and the ability to become wealthy, offering you the potential to replace those thoughts with the ones that the mind of a millionaire mind would have.

Why is it important to coaches? Whether you already know your limiting beliefs or you still need to uncover them, you’re still going to want to know what to do about them and how to make positive change. If you are a financial coach, this is information you will want in your toolbelt.

What does it teach? It teaches you to identify your money blueprint, which is the internal structure of beliefs that make up your current financial position. So, if your finances are not great or somewhere very far away from not great, then you are someone this book is aimed at. If you have clients who are struggling financially, this is going to be a great resource to point them to and you can start introducing some of the principles and declarations in sessions.

What will I take away? Apart from the valuable declarations and wealth principles, you’ll learn Harv Eker’s simple and effective money management Jars system, you’ll learn how to calculate your net worth which is your true measure of wealth (not just what is or isn’t in your bank account). You will learn how to change your internal conversation about money and wealth from one that may be sabotaging you or just not supporting you, into one that will help you to grow and develop financially.

How can I apply it? One of the best ways to apply it is to do the declarations and exercises in the book. Some people are going to feel stupid pointing to their heads and saying ‘I have a millionaire mind’ but I would ask you the same question Harv would ask: Would you rather feel a bit silly playing full out in the exercises and be successful, or would you prefer to not feel silly and stay unsuccessful or broke?

How best to use the teachings? As a coach, I have the wealth files and principles typed out and on my office wall. Now, I do actually do some coaching with Harv Eker International, so it’s especially beneficial for me but I would recommend doing this to anyone who ever finds financial struggle coming up for themselves or their clients. The more you use the wealth principles and files, the more they will become a part of your conditioning and internal conversation about money. If you can get to know the wealth principles and wealth files well, you are well on your way to being the proud owner of a millionaire mind.

Quotes: Here’s just one of the wealth files from the book – Rich people believe ‘I create my life’, poor people believe ‘life happens to me’.

The associated personal declaration would be ‘I create my life, I create the exact level of my financial success.’

And here’s one of the wealth principles from the book – Your income can only grow to the extent you do.

Available & recommended format? I have this book in hardback, Kindle and audio formats. I wanted to ensure I learned it inside and out. My hardback version is my favourite because I got it signed by Harv and it has my notes inside it. Also, this was my first introduction to Harv and his teachings, so it holds a special place for me. The original CD audiobook version was read by Harv himself but the new updated recording is not unless you opt for the Audible version titled Secrets of the millionaire mind in turbulent times, which is exclusive to Audible. I haven’t yet listened to the newest audio version to be able to state a preference but with books like this, I do recommend getting multiple formats to solidify your learning.

Negatives or downsides? If you’re anything like me, you’re going to feel very silly at first saying the declarations out loud. I recommend simply getting yourself over that very fast and just doing it. The only negative or downside I have about this book is that it takes time to make these changes and install new beliefs. Not really a downside but more of a management of expectations. Changes like these take time. Not everyone loves Harv’s style and that is one of the most common criticisms I have heard, especially from UK audiences who prefer their lessons dressed up and polite instead of emotional, direct and to the point.

One of the issues I sometimes find with declarations is that they can seem pointless like the old self help mantra of looking in the mirror and saying to yourself ‘Every day in every way I am getting better and better,’ If you can’t believe they are true then the words will be empty and it will just feel as though there is an enormous and unbridgeable gap between where you are and what you are saying you are. None of the declarations in this book are such huge leaps that you would not be able to believe them about yourself, especially if you are taking action on what you learn. Saying ‘I have a millionaire mind’ does not create the same kind of cognitive dissonance as saying ‘I am a multi-millionaire!’ If you experience cognitive dissonance in that way, scale it back to something more believable. Sometimes just changing or adding one word is enough.

On the ‘technology’ of declarations… do they actually work? I’d say from personal and professional experience, yes if you actually use them and continue to use them, but taking action to live in accordance with the beliefs you want to have about yourself is the only way to really make them stick, otherwise you may develop the millionaire thoughts but you won’t have the millionaire lifestyle to go with it.

What else? There are many ways to help yourself install new and empowering beliefs, declarations are just one. I recommend using any and all resources in your coaching toolbelt at your disposal in order to get the result. I can strongly recommend getting a copy of Harv’s smaller and shorter book called Speed Wealth. It’s on Amazon Kindle for just £2.27. You can probably find paperback versions also but prices vary as these books are normally only sold at Harv’s live events.

My thoughts? I liked Harv’s message and teaching so much that I took his Quantum Leap series of courses and eventually ended up coaching in some of his programs. I have worked with different people in the personal development world and there is a big difference between people who talk a good talk and the people who walk their talk. I can say, hand on heart, that Harv is one of the most authentic and passionate people I have ever met and I feel proud to be associated with him and his teachings.

I chose to do this book ahead of reviewing a classic like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ because I found it to be much more useful to wealth mindset and also more practicable in terms of the basics of understanding and applying money management and growing net worth.

Next steps? Well… if you don’t already have this book, get a copy in your preferred format. You might like to pick up Speed Wealth at the same time, which I don’t think is available in audiobook format to the best of my knowledge. If you have the book, this could be a welcome reminder to revisit it and remind yourself of the wealth files and principles. You might like to get to one of the Millionaire Mind Intensive events which teach a lot of the content from the book over the course of a weekend. They are generally run by Success Resources and although you’re unlikely to meet Harv at those events these days, the trainers are great and hand selected by Harv to deliver the same great teaching and exercises. I will include a link to the Success Resources website in the description if you’re interested in attending one of the live events and a link to Harv’s own website for those interested in learning those same great courses online in your own time or thinking about checking out more on what Harv offers.

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Remember, Confucius says: to know and not to do is to not truly know.

Action is the bridge between what’s in your brain and what you can create in the real world. As you increase your learning potential, you will also be increasing your earning potential.

So, keep on reading, keep on learning and keep on doing.

See you on the next success books review.


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