Free Stuff – If it Sounds Too Good to be True, Look Closer!

pluginsIt seems that you cannot search the Internet nowadays without finding blogs. There are so many blogs and more are created every hour. WordPress powers over 70 million blogs and almost 25% of all new websites. Nowadays, there are WordPress blogs about practically everything.

Similar Posts – will link to other posts related to the current posts. Not only does this benefit your SEO strategy, but it also entices your users to read other posts on your blog, increasing pageviews and traffic.

But failure is no option with Search Engines. Recall my words that you should put yourself in the webmasters’ shoes to find out what he might have written at website to describe your required product. Right now I can think of “free ebooks” and “resale rights”

Having stylish contact forms in a website can take it to a completely new level! It tells the customers that their voice is also heard and makes them want to visit your site again and again! But where should we possibly put up these contact forms on our site? You can try out free WordPress plugins that have been solely developed with the purpose to add stylish contact forms that you could just use and insert stunning forms to your site in no time.

**Wondering how the company can afford

to do this? They over-price the item. Then

they wait for some lazy bums to forget to

send in the rebate. Cha-ching! They’ve just

made a lot of money because someone forgot

to ask for their money back. But the pricing

shouldn’t matter, just as long as YOU send in

YOUR rebate!

The next step is to simply choose the keywords that your blog wants rank for in the search engines and enter them. Finally, after installation and entering your key phrases, you press one button and the settings are optimised. It really is that simple,

“Ah, ADVERTISING” he says. “Advertising has made them one of the most profitable companies In history. While it may be contrary to what you’ve always been told – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is – there really are legitimate promotions that do offer consumers the opportunity to “earn” all types of expensive gifts for FREE”.

Premium Plugins on the other hand have to be bought from the developer’s website itself. If possible hire a developer to create a custom plugin for you. This way you’re ensuring that yours is unique and at the same time you get everything that you need.

The company gets PAID by other compaines for generating leads. This is how they make their money. They can afford to give away Free products and still make a handsome profit for themselves. Some of them actually make quite a bit of profit. Just ask the guys from Google.

There is every possibility that you may find hundreds of such sites which claim to bring highly targeted traffic for some charges. But if you are looking for the both paid and free options then you should use a few operators such as OR and “-“.


Anywhere you go on the internet, you’re

bound to find a free service. There are

millions of free e-mail addresses out there

waiting for you to sign up.

Here are the most popular ones:




Also, some stores have a policy that I

love: “If the item rings up at the wrong price,

you get that item for FREE!” I always check

the prices as the cashier is scanning my items.

Nothing’s better than a free bag of M so many offer bonuses – essentially free money to play their games!

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap which helps the search engines to better index your blog. Sitemaps make it much easier for the search engine spiders to follow the structure of a web site and therefore index it more thoroughly. Everytime you add a new page or post to your blog it can automatically notify the major search engines.

3.) WP Super Cache gives your blog a boost in speed. I thought my blog was loading pretty fast but after installing this plugin I can see a big difference in loading times right away. The faster your website loads the better you’ll be ranked on the search engines. Also it keeps people happy when you blog loads fast.

We live in the land of the FREE, but many have paid a high

price to keep it that way. Enjoy the FREE things you get

every day. Remember to send a short thank you for them if

possible. Enjoy them! Use them! Share them! FREE is FUN!

Free slot games, like any slots are a game of chance rather than skill. The only way to increase your odds of winning at slots is to make sure that the site you play these games at is reputable; generally speaking, the more popular a site is the more likely it is to be on the up-and-up. You can also play more often, though you should be careful not to spend more on these games than you can comfortably afford. Keep reading for a little more about the free money that some of these online casino sites offer.

All the FREE affiliate programs that are on the market, some

of which are good and some not so good, do require payment.

You have to market these programs, spending hours sometimes

on the web sending out announcements and ads.

The appropriate question is how does one find the right WordPress plugin? There are several ways that this can be done. There is a huge repository of free WordPress plugins. The blogger needs to search the repository to find those with a good rating that is being updated regularly to keep up with the latest WordPress versions.

My ezine goes out to my subscribers for FREE, but I want

them to pay for it by telling others about it, helping me

get new subscribers, placing their ads with me, and

generally helping me develop a business that will support my

husband and myself.

FREE is great! I personally love anything FREE, but I have

learned that somewhere that FREE item cost someone

something. It could have been me, so I want to appreciate it

and take care of it. If I download a FREE ebook, I read it.

I personally subscribe to a LOT of ezines, but I honestly do

try to read through them all.

I think I have about 23 plugins installed. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not? But I feel that each one helps my blog to be a better blog. It makes my blogging experience much better. I will only list 10 for now, and these are must haves in my opinion. The list below is in no particular order, I believe each one has something to offer. Check them out…

There are basically two kinds of plugins free plugins and Premium Plugins. The Free Plugins are created by everyday users like you and me as well as professionals who are offering a free version of their plugins that have limited features.

Using Plugins, you can transform your WordPress site from a simple blog into a business website, with member logins and various other cool features. There’s no limit to what you can do once you’ve got the right plugins for your site.

Every search engine visitor finds different results when he searches a phrase with double quotes and without them. When you are looking for true money making ideas, your unquoted search shall find thousands of the pages listed. However, most of them shall be irrelevant. In fact you have instructed the search engine to bring all the pages which contain true money making ideas in any combination.

Google has all the ability to help you find exactly what you want. However, it’s completely blowing your money and time if you can’t instruct Google to fetch the right free tools and free resources out of its heart.

The best thing about this process of learning is that you’ll be having fun while you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of online casino gaming. You can feel free to try things out without having to worry about losing money, since you can play free slot games and other games with the free bonus money offered by the online casinos. There’s nothing better than risking someone else’s money while you have fun playing slots and other casino games.Adding advertisements on pages, posts and websites is a source of earning profit for many website owners. There’s no hiding in that. But how do you manage the text alignment, a format of your ad, color of the elements etc? Or how do you actually insert a Google AdSense to your site? For those who know the trick, well and good. But for the ones who are still trying to find that answer, it is done with the help of plugins. There are many free WordPress plugins that make it as simple as A-B-C to insert a Google AdSense or manage its format.

With free dating websites, it now becomes easy to enjoy a date while you don’t have to pinch your pockets for the expense. It has often played cupid as well by bringing two individuals together who probably have decided to spend their lives with each other.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – Getting some love from the search engines will keep fresh traffic coming to your site. Understanding what these search engines are looking for can be difficult and the criteria seem to change every 18 months. This is where the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast comes in handy. There are 2 aspects of the plugin that I find extremely helpful. Firstly, a red/yellow/green stoplight indicator is shown in every single post, which tells the site administrator the degree of optimization (along with practical hints on how to achieve better results). Secondly, the plugin has a built in sitemap feature that updates Google and Bing on the site’s content.

Or the user may have to refer a certain number of “friends” who in turn, refer others or perhaps sign up for a “Free trial” membership to a certain vender. Oftentimes the user who is trying to earn a FREE gift gives up for one reason or another before getting the required number of referrals. In this case the company collects some commissions and doesn’t have to send the user anything, so it’s pure profit.

Initially when I first started out blogging, I had not a clue what plug-ins were, what their purpose was, or exactly how they could make my blog superior. Now I know. I use these plugins on quite a few, if not all, of my blogs and sites (18+). They have proved helpful, and continue to work effectively for me and I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure them out (which was certainly nice). So here is my list:

2.) Google XML Sitemaps plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog. With this plugin, my pages and blog posts were indexed faster than submitting them manually. This plugin does everything for you so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. This will definitely boost your traffic.

9.) Ultimate Follow Me Plugin by Free Blog Factory: Tired of the complicated and bulky “follow me” plugins for WordPress? Showcase any or all of your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, youtube, and buzz profiles with your personal choice of button design

Optimizing your site with this plugin is essential for achieving high search engine rankings. It is simple to setup and a popular plugin. Even for complete novices the All In One SEO pack makes the search engine optimization of your blog a cinch. For each page and post it allows you to create a title, description and keywords.

WordPress is by far one of the best CMS systems that you can find today. Earlier it was a simple blogging platform. But, now it’s exceeded this, and many huge companies and websites use WordPress for their work.

Normally, signing up to an offer from an advertiser, referring friends to a site or service or buying a related product all are examples of the ‘actions’ expected. For example, the free iPod offer that took over the internet by craze works on the premise that each person will refer 5 of their friends to the scheme as well as sign up to a few sponsor offers himself.

So maybe you are just beginning steps in the “blogging arena”. Or it’s possible you’ve been doing this for a while and are simply looking for different, suggested plug-ins. At any rate, if you’re a “wiz” or not, plug-ins are necessary to the format of your blog. What’s even better, are plug-ins that are completely free. So let’s start here, exactly what is a plug-in? A plug-in, by description, is a collection of software components that offers specific skills to a even bigger application. Quite frankly this, it’s a function that improves a larger project- your blog is the larger mission.

If this is your very first time looking into plugins, or your not 100% what to do; before you begin writing a lot of content, it’s recommended that you ensure that you can use these plugins using the theme you chose. So download the plugins first. When you’re in your site’s “backoffice”, go to “plugins” to the left and choose “add new.”

Before signing up and filling in long pages to join in a free online dating service, you first need to check if they have a sizeable number of members. If they have a huge following, then you can be assured that it is an active site with active members.”No company can make money giving away FREE electronic equipment. Wouldn’t they would go broke giving away FREE stuff?” He says “Do you remember when Google first started?” “Sure” I said. “How much did they charge to use their service, when they started?” “They didn’t charge anything”. “How much do they charge now?” he asks. “They still don’t charge”.

When shopping for a TV tuner, ensure it is compatible with your personal computer or laptop or you may contact your wholesaler for advice. However if you are shopping for a laptop, it would be advisable to get one that has an in built tuner so that it makes your work easy to operate.

Yes I do promote several WordPress plugins that I like to recommend, that I have checked, that are updated often and with new ones being created. As a result they are the companies worthy of supporting.

There many are more plugins than the ones mentioned above, however it would take too much time to list them all. The point is that you know what your blog needs in order to succeed. Why not use an easy solution to get what you need?


Rebates these days are actually more

common on the internet.

used to be the most popular rebate site,

but it recently went out of business. There

are other 100% rebates out there! Just go

to a search engine and type in “100% rebate”.

All you have to do is buy the item, then

send in the rebate. You’ll get your money


Horoscopes offer us a neat capsule of our fate. They’re there, for free, and there is certainly is no harm in consulting them, so much the better if things turn out well because of them. Free Horoscopes You Share with Everyone ElseBut free horoscopes aren’t always the best.

Daily horoscopes found at the newspapers and in the Internet may be free, but unfortunately this virtue is also their weaknesses. The price people pay in getting free horoscopes is the fact that they share the same predictions with everyone else who shares their star sign. The principle of Barnum Effect operates in this scenario.

So it’s the best practice always to quote your keyword with quotes such as “true money making ideas” before clicking Google to bring the information for you. It shall not only save your time but also resources of the search engines to search for useless keywords.

A plugin for WordPress is like adding to the prefab house. Say you want a cupboards, balcony or a window, you would add these. In WordPress, plugins go even further, they can upgrade, extend or add whole rooms, to the house. Say a blogger wants to add an email list, a shopping cart, a picture gallery, videos or a forum to their WordPress website, they can do this with plugins to create a unique masterpiece.

Database Backup is worth a million dollars if it saves you once, and it will automatically make database backups of your blog and send them to your email. Protect the content on your site from possible server loss by backing up the content on your site on a regular basis.

The best thing about this process of learning is that you’ll be having fun while you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of online casino gaming. You can feel free to try things out without having to worry about losing money, since you can play free slot games and other games with the free bonus money offered by the online casinos. There’s nothing better than risking someone else’s money while you have fun playing slots and other casino games.

There are probably thousands of FREE ebooks available to

people who want them. FREE? No. You have to download them,

either to your computer or a disk. Some are gifts for buying

other products. They cost something.

WordPress is great, and the plugins I have mentioned do improve your ability to optimize your website for search engines. However, only using tools like those mentioned above misses a couple of important steps in optimization. I have personally seen a bit of attention paid to these other steps make a huge difference in my SEO endeavours…

After becoming familiar with the free slot games available, you may want to get your family and friends in on the fun too. The online casinos want everyone’s business, after all, so there are plenty of free slot games to go around and maybe you or someone you know will even end up as a big winner!

Because of this, I began searching for an article Auto Poster that was more reliable – a time-consuming exercise in itself! So, based on that experience, here are three reasons listed below why you should never use free Article or Video Posters:

Unless you don’t know what keyword you need to use for a particular piece of information, you can’t land at the right page during your search of the search engines enlisted page. The best way select a right keyword is to imagine what ‘exact’ phrase the author/webmaster might have used to describe your required information.

Or perhaps you can’t help but wonder how it is that a few lines of general-sounding prescriptions and cautions can be so predictive. And tempting. Horoscopes’ appeal to people is not just because they are free, that they are widely available in dailies and magazines and on the Net too.

Nuggets of advice just waiting for us to look into them. And we, well, we are inquisitive creatures, forever curious about the future, not just ours, but other’s as well—our loved ones’ perhaps, friends’, enemies’, anyone we come in contact with. We just have to take a peek.Some bloggers specifically employ WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. Their affiliate marketing link can be directly posted on the WordPress dashboard thereby ensuring easy visibility to visitors and potential customers. They also provide the option for bloggers to post advertisements in the dashboard. Therefore the application of WordPress plugins has proliferated in online marketing and affiliate marketing.

The truth is, search engine optimization is getting easier, not harder (in this author’s opinion). Part of the reason is thanks to the widespread adoption of the SEO-friendly WordPress publishing platform (and the thousands of available plugins that enhance its functionality).

You are also not tied to any one online casino. There are no contracts you have to sign and there are a lot of sites out there which are happy to give you free money to play their games with. This lets you try out a variety of sites to find the casinos and the games which you enjoy the most.

6.) Pretty Link plugin does a wonderful job of turning those ugly links into pretty links. This is useful for me being that I’m an affiliate marketer. It turns those long ugly affiliate links into normal looking links. I use this plugin to shortened some of my links. I haven’t tried any other plugin like this but I’m satisfied with this one for now. The redirect is very smooth, it’s amazing.

As I’ve stated previously,the best part of this program is that you get a direct, automated link to the top WordPress plugins, installing each one in one simple click, whoch save hours uploading files via FTP servers.

Once you pay for the tuner or buy an already fitted, you do not have to worry about extra charges. You have access to different channels around the world which means you can enjoy your favorite program anytime around the world.


The Akismet plugin actually comes standard with your WordPress installation. You will need to create an

account at to get an API key to make it work. This plugin does an excellent job of keeping spam comments away. Akismet is intelligent and it learns from you over time. A very useful plugin.

All in One SEO Pack

“Free Hosting, Free Domains, Free Registration, No Start-Up Fees, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free E-Commerce Set-Up, First Year Free, Design Your Own Website…”

If we spend enough time playing all the free offers, is it possible to get a complete free site to help a new business get off its feet?

Once you have made up your mind to get a TV tuner for your laptop PC, the support team will advise you on the TV tuner to use on the particular PC or the manual that comes with it, or purchase an already inbuilt PC with the tuner.

When you think about it, it seems that the best things in life come in pairs. Peanut butter and jelly… green eggs and ham… iPod and Apps… WordPress and Plugins. WordPress was designed as a blogging platform, but with the proliferation of plugins over the past 5 years, WordPress has evolved into a robust internet site development tool. There are now almost 24,000 plugins now available for WordPress and all of the plugins listed below are totally free. Finding a lightweight, functional plugin is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. Allow me to clear away some of the haystack and show you five plugins that you should be using.

Security is a major issue for most developers and site creators. But if you are using the right resources, this issue will be nowhere to be seen! There are innumerable free WordPress plugins that have been developed to keep your Site secured against the malware, brute force attacks, Code injections, and hackers trolling the web. Installing these plugins is a must for every WordPress site owner if you want to have least chances of getting your site hacked or injected with some malicious software.

4.) Thesis OpenHook plugin lets you place text or html file within your blog without having to go into the codes. But this only works for the Thesis Theme Framework. This plugin saves me so much time! I can just go to a certain hook then put any content that I want. This is ideal for beginners like me. I don’t really want to focus my time with coding. It’s better spent on writing useful content for you guys.


I’m always anxious to get the Sunday

morning newspaper so I can look through

the Sunday coupons. Occasionally you will

find a coupon that’s good for a free item –

no strings attached. Usually, it’s buy one,

get one free. In addition, I like to look out for

those $1 or $2 off coupons. If it’s

double riple coupon week at your local

grocery store, those coupons get you so much

money off that the item ends up being free.

What is surprising is that out of all these offers, there are very few that are webmaster-centric. You hardly find offers for free domains, free webhosting or free traffic when you sign up for an offer. This is probably because the cost of these services or products are too low to warrant much interest. It can also be that webmasters prefer more direct forms of rewards like cash.You make think that I’m giving away all of the secrets by telling you all of the plugins, this awesome FREE Tool uses, but the real power lies in what it does next. After using Google Key Word Tracker or another tool to determine a bunch of the most focused keywords for your blog, you enter these details and over 100 tweaks are made instantly. This is where the real power is, having the plugins is one thing, using them properly is what makes them work. Unless you know lots of code and internet jargon, you will find making these tweaks yourself, time consuming and difficult.

When any platform is first built, the original developers have something in mind and they’ve created the platform to suit what they think most people would need. However, not everyone thinks the same way and therefore, people would want newer stuff – rather than the using the same basic features of the package. That’s where plugins are needed.

You can learn about how slot games work by playing these games with this free money as well as how online casinos work in general. None of this is terribly complicated, but you should play some games and learn how things work before you risk any of your own money in a virtual casino.

Google Analyticator – Every site I run is registered with Google Analytics because of its superior tracking and data analysis tools. Having a solid understanding of how your users are interacting with your site provides incredible insight into what your audience prefers to consume. The Google Analyticator plugin links your site to your Analytics account, then provides a summary of key data within the WordPress dashboard. With the plugin, you can see 30-day traffic trending, key metrics (visits, page views, etc), 5 most viewed pages, Top 5 referring sites to your blog, and the 5 most used search terms that include your site in the results. Knowledge is power, and Google Analytics provides incredible information.

Free slot games, like any slots are a game of chance rather than skill. The only way to increase your odds of winning at slots is to make sure that the site you play these games at is reputable; generally speaking, the more popular a site is the more likely it is to be on the up-and-up. You can also play more often, though you should be careful not to spend more on these games than you can comfortably afford. Keep reading for a little more about the free money that some of these online casino sites offer.

Yet WordPress has become the platform of choice. It is like a Swiss army knife with interchangeable blades. If a blogger wants to change appearance or make the WordPress site look crisp and professional, they need only choose and install a WordPress theme. If a blogger wants to add features to their WordPress website then they need only find and install the right WordPress plugin. Simple.

So, if you happen to be genuine about what you wish to do with the internet then purchase the software for a small fee of $15 to $25 – truthfully, it is worthwhile. Please note that I am not talking about the free WordPress plugins; I am referring to the Auto Posters, the Article as well as the Video ones.

Well, same thing here; Figure out what tools you need. A website may fill many of them, or it might not be able to address any – either way you wouldn’t be creating a business expense – yet rather implementing a powerful tool of commerce.

A free dating service should not charge you for viewing other profiles, they should in fact be absolutely free. Most of these free websites only offer limited free privileges. Check for the best features, like viewing profiles and sending and receiving emails.

Recently, I discovered that simply because a plugin is free, it is not always the best choice. One of my internet marketing resources was an Auto Poster for articles and despite the fact that it had been free, it did the job nicely and I was extremely happy with it. However, a number of changes happened in both WordPress as well as the Article Marketing sites that meant that the Article Posters were no longer working. Many associates had these on ‘auto’ as the word suggests and did not know that this was the situation for 2 or 3 weeks!


Backing up your blog is vital. WP-DBManager allows you to backup your database and additionally optimize and repair it. A useful feature is the automatic scheduling option for those of us who are a bit forgetful when it comes to making backups.

If you’ve never gambled online before or never gambled at all, for that matter, then playing free slot games is a great way to get used to this experience. After all, there is literally nothing to lose, since it costs you nothing to play. Online casinos offers these freebies in order to get your attention. The competition among online casinos is fierce and they all want to get your business; so many offer bonuses – essentially free money to play their games!

IntenseDebate – Comments are an important feedback mechanism between a site and its audience. For those who find the default WordPress comment box seriously lacking in functionality and visual appeal, IntenseDebate is the plugin for you. This is a much smaller plugin than the more popular JetPack and adds much less lag time to your pages. The publisher of IntenseDebate is owned by Automattic – the same company that sells the ‘Akisment’ comment spam filter. There are 3 aspects of the plugin that are great – total control over the look and feel of the comments; nominal drag on your site, and the free price tag.P3 Plugin Performance Profiler – Have you ever noticed that a brand new site will load very quickly, then over time, seems to load slower and slower? This is because some of the plugins being used are creating drag on the site. I discovered P3 by accident after my site slowed to a crawl. This plugin gives you the incremental load time for each plugin used by your site. If having a quick site for the convenience of your readers is not enough of an upside, load time is also a factor in search engine rankings. If you want a quick site that will earn online income, P3 is a must.

We know how important it is to optimize our sites for search engines. Making a website SEO-friendly is not as easy as it sounds. But with the free WordPress plugins, a few, countable clicks are all you need! There are innumerable plugins that have been developed with WordPress which are made especially to give this feature to your sites. WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins you can obtain for free.

10.) Sexy Bookmarks is one of many great social bookmarking plugins out there. I chose this particular plugin because it’s the only that fits my needs. There are others but this one fits right in where I want it to be. It has a list of all the popular social bookmarking sites out there, but honestly you don’t need every single one. You’re just confusing the readers with all these other social sites. Stick to what the masses know for now and you’ll do fine. Social bookmarking plugin is a must have so that your blog post can be shared anywhere and it builds great backlinks for you.

Plugins play an important role in our lives. You may choose the most popular free plugins in your sites without paying for it. Try Creativepig products and raise your website standards to a completely new level!

We are soon going to come up with more such blogs for you. Till then, keep building stunning sites and top them up with some brilliant plugins you can buy from Creativepig.

The simplest way that I can describe it is like this. WordPress is software that runs on top of a webserver. A default WordPress install is like a bit like a prefabricated house. Basic essential function and not very pretty.

In summary, purchase the software unless you have got a lot of time to waste and can risk a ‘crash’ as outlined up above. To enjoy confidence that your effort and precious time has not been in vain, it is an investment as opposed to an expense.

An increasing number of public libraries, for example, are offering free Wi-Fi and, amid increasing controversy, several towns and cities have either set up free Wi-Fi Hotzones or they’re exploring the possibilities. Finding these free Wi-Fi hotspots is not that difficult.

SEO. The letters inspire hope, promise, frustration, fear, and many other emotions. Maybe you think of how much money it will cost, (or how much time). Indeed, there almost seems to be a new class form of “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to being savvy with search engine optimization.

WordPress is one of the most used software applications today. It has become an essential part of any blog site. This wide popularity is attributed to many unique features depending on the WordPress plugin that you use. Nowadays, blogs serves many purposes. People primarily use their WordPress blog site to promote their products and services and thereby improve their sales. There are a lot of free WordPress plugins available which will incorporate various extra features to your WordPress blog site.

FeedWordpress – adds the ability to read RSS feeds and convert each item in the RSS feed to a post. Doing this will create pages of content for your blog. The more pages that you create for search engines to read increases the number of pages indexed. The more pages that get index increases the chances that your blog posts’ long tail keywords will become top results on search engines. This is a great way to build traffic to your site by having more pages indexed highly for long tail keywords.

How much you do really appreciate something FREE? Do you

take care of it as well as something you had to buy? Do you

value that FREE item as much as the item that cost you a

distinct price? Are you willing to share that FREE gift? Do

you show your thanks for that FREE ebook by reading it and

using it? Do you delete that FREE ezine without looking

through all of it?

Permalink Migrator – this simple plugin grabs the slug from the end of the request and checks if there’s a post with this slug living somewhere else on your blog. If so, it will generate a “301 Moved Permanently” error, which automatically forwards your visitor (and Googlebot) to the new location of your post. It’s simple, but effective.

If you are having a desktop computer, you can buy a USB TV tuner but if you have a lap top and you are always moving up and down, get an internal TV tuner that enables you to watch your channels from anywhere.

Don’t overstay your welcome. If there’s a line of people trying to find a seat and you’ve been nursing a latte for two hours you, and others like you, may be contributing to the venue owner’s growing desire to start charging a hefty fee for the Wi-Fi access they provide.GROCERY STORES

Most (if not all) grocery stores have

free food samples on display. The store I go

to always has cupcakes out for free. Yummy!

So when you’re cruising down the aisles, look

out for those free apple juice or cookie


If you have a useful offer for your visitors, and you

say it’s free, then MAKE it FREE! Don’t make them have

to ‘qualify’, or click here, and here, and here. Don’t

put any kind of barrier in front of them. Don’t make

them jump hurdles, or through hoops. If you do, then

you’re doing a disservice to your visitors. And what

are visitors? They are potential customers. So treat

them fair.


copyright2001-02 John Evans


You can use this article but please leave it intact.


Make sure you follow good Wi-Fi Hotspot Security practices.

So, while free may not be entirely free, it’s definitely reasonable. With a bit of planning you should be able to save yourself a few dollars a month while enjoying the ambiance of your favorite free Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can solve this problem by using a simple trick. You need the page which contain that product ‘s name but that page shouldn’t contain the package’s name. In google language you can use this syntax to fetch the pages exactly as you want:

Consequently, here is the main point of this story: do it once and do it correctly first time. Choose the free option if you have to, but just know what might possibly go wrong. It has involved both time and effort to get your Google page rank so why would you jeopardize it through having duplicate content on your site, all to save $15.

10.) W3 Total Cache by Fredrick Townes: Significantly increase the speed and buyer experience of your website. Incorporate browser, page, and object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress

This is exactly what I have been working out. You sign up for an offer. If it is a valid sign up then I buy you a domain name. No credit card information required and no obligation too. That simple. The only condition is you must be from the US and must fill up the information required (name, email, address etc) honestly. As soon as I recieve confirmation of the signup (usually 2-3 days) you get your domain name. And, yes these are not pharmaceutical or gambling offers, you need to sign up to recieve more information from an online education university. Can it get better than that? Visit website for more information and to sign up. Today!

Here is the third and final installment in my The Best Free WordPress Plugins, all brought to you courtesy of the most amazing free tool, that everyone who has a WordPress blog should be aware of and using. Just the time it saves you alone, makes it worth a hundred dollars.

Playing these slot games can be a good education in how virtual slots and other online games work. It’s actually not very complex, but in order to learn how these games and these gaming sites operate, you should start by playing these games for free before you put your own money at risk in online casino gaming.

The various free WordPress plugins available has definitely changed the total outlook of bloggers. They have improved the quality and functionality of such blog sites. Since the number of free WordPress plugins developers has increased abundantly, a blogger might find it difficult to select a good one. Certain things should be kept in mind before selecting your free plugin. One can always make use of the trial version before actually installing it. Proper research and innovation can yield very productive results.

There are a few excellent free dating service websites that are popular among a large set of individuals. You can check profiles out for free, send and receive emails and even contact an account holder for free. With these types of dating services, you no longer will be spending your evenings along.

The primary areas of danger with this approach include fine print disputes, permanent loss of e-mail address usability, and runaway unauthorized credit card charges. and we hear about new tricks or angles being used all the time.

With so many free offers, why is it that some reputable businesses are paying thousands of dollars for their websites? Where is the middle ground?

Quite bluntly, the Barnum Effect states that “there is a sucker born every minute. ” In the realm of astrology, this means people can be so gullible as to believe that their horoscope for the day applies to them perfectly, even if virtually anyone can claim that.

Daily horoscopes, in fact, are deliberately prepared by astrologers to make them apply to almost anyone, so that it serves as sneak previews for the day. Of course, the astrologer doesn’t sacrifice the quality of divination. For more accurate horoscopes though, the astrologer needs to study and calculate alignments of the stars and planets, birth date and location, cusps, aspects, patterns, and relationships with other signs in the Zodiac.There are many free and paid SEO plugins for WordPress; such as Yoast, Platinum SEO, Etc. However, I personally found that many of them are too complicated and have too many settings that need attention before you can get started. I appreciated HeadSpace2’s simple starting process with the option of adding more complexity.

How many times has this happened to you? You

receive in the mail an invitation to receive a free gift.

And all you have to do is, 1. Take a tour of our new

facility, or 2. Take a test drive, or 3.Listen to our

3 hour sales pitch?

9.) CommentLuv plugin shows a link to the last post from the commenters blog by parsing the feed at their given URL when they leave a comment. This is good for someone trying to build up their backlinks and it encourages readers to leave you comments. So yes I would definitely encourage everyone to leave me some comments since my comments are dofollow, but please no spam! I don’t mind sharing the love, it’s a win win situation for the both of us. I want comments on my blog post or pages and you want backlinks. That sounds like a great deal right. Now everyone is happy =)

Sometime you find a very good website with a lot of information but you don’t find searching facility to find out a specific information about some topic. Google comes to help you in such cases with the latest edited information.

Needless to say, these crucial factors are all absent in the generic horoscopes we get for free in newspapers. Truly predictive horoscopes then are those that are personalised and tailor-fitted to individuals, carefully prepared by a credible astrologer. They may come with a price, but it is a price always worth it.

The plugins are programming codes that are written to enhance the features of the existing WordPress. Such plugins will not alter the basic WordPress program but modifies them with a view to incorporate additional features to it. Today, there are over 200 million WordPress users worldwide. It is difficult to catch up with each of these users and design plugins to satisfy their personalized needs. But, the number of plugin developers have also seen a gigantic increase and therefore resulted in the release of more and more unique codes which are targeted at a wider range of audience.

2. Duplicate Content: If you have to add another Auto Poster you then are more than likely about to get duplicate content in your site, and we know how Google feels about that. In other words, your new Auto Poster could be attracting identical articles and the identical movies you already have.

For instance, every once in a while, I’ll click on

a free offer, which only takes me to another page,

and before I can really get the “freebie”, I have to first

“click here” to see their sales pitch. Or “click here

to qualify for your free ….”

3. Time Wasting: when you have more than one site that use the auto poster, then you must go through each site and put in the new Auto Poster which is not only time consuming in itself but also it can be just the start of the problem since then it is advisable to go through your site/s more frequently to check for duplication of articles.

No subscription costs or any other extra fee that comes with this software. You can watch, pause or rewind a program or record to watch it at your own convenience. You also have an advantage of a remote control that comes with the tuner.

From experience, it is seen that a webmaster will never refuse a free domain name. For that matter no one will will refuse a free thing if there is no catch involved. A webmaster should be willing to sign up for a free offer or two in exchange of a free domain. If such a scheme were available it should be quite sucessful. May be not as much as the free iPods schemes but atleast 50% as effective as them. If the free offer does not involve disclosure of credit card information, it will be the icing on the cake!

Best of all, it’s a lot of fun to learn about playing casino games online by playing for free. You can try different games and try to refine your strategies while being free of the pressure and the worry of having your own money on the line. Free slot games and other bonuses which many of the online casino sites offer make this easy. After all, there’s a certain thrill which comes from gambling someone else’s money – and the slots and other games are fun to play, plain and simple.

TV tuners for PCs are easy and manageable when using them that any person is able to operate them. This technology is taking over the world wave and anyone who comes across it, will agree with me that the costs involved are much less compared to our cabled television or satellite dishes.

We should never talk about SEO without immediately mentioning another “S” word: Strategy. Without a solid strategy your SEO success will be a distant dream. My practical advice? Start simply, with a single keyword phrase, and then plan your actions with intention. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did! Remember, start thinking “SEOS,” and you’ll stand a good chance out there.Once you’ve gotten familiar with the free slot games which are out there to enjoy, you can share your knowledge with your friends and family. Since there are plenty of bonuses and free slot games to go around, no one has to miss out on the online casino gaming fun!

All you need to have is the PC, internet and purchase the software which you can connect through a USB port or have an already fitted tuner in your PC, then you are set to enjoy your programs. There are different TV tuners which fit well in different types of laptops or computers.

You could install your WordPress plugin using the administration area on WordPress or automatically using the directory which is hosted by WordPress. If these options don’t suit you, you could also try doing it manually via FTP or as an upload.

In addition, you can get tons of cool

information, recipes, tips, and so forth

sent to your e-mail box for free!

Here are some newsletters I would recommend:

*Daily News, Weather.. – website

*Humor, Beauty Tips.. – website

*Cool Websites.. – website

I recently started using the HeadSpace2 plugin which is a quick and painless way to control the page titles and meta descriptions on pages and posts. It also helps suggest tags for your posts and apply them lightning fast. It even allows you to control which links on your site are to be followed by search engines. And of course it’s free to use!!!

8.) Ultimate Google Analytics is another must have plugin for any WordPress blog. Just install this plugin and it automatically tracks every single pages, blog post, and more. I check my stats on a daily basis to see If I’ve made any new improvements on my traffic and visits. You might think that’s crazy but I want to keep track of how I do. I’m always up for improvement and it keeps me up on my feet.

Of course, you should remember that you don’t have to stay at any single online casino; there are many different casino sites offering free money to play games. There are no contracts and you can try out the free games at as many online casinos as you like to find which sites and which games you like the best. sponsors the Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory and some Wi-Fi aggregators, like GoRemote, are beginning to include the listings of free hotspots in their directories. When you’re accessing a free wifi hotspot there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Don’t expect much tech help. The waiters, waitresses or baristas may have some working knowledge but, don’t count on it, that’s not why they’re there.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – Have you ever been on a blog and read a terrific post, then where shown a list of related posts at the end of the article? This is YARPP. This plugin uses an algorithm to search for other posts within your site and will present a Top 5 list of similar content. The plugin is easy to configure and works right out of the box.

These plugins enhance the functionality of the WordPress. They can be customized according to the requirement of the user. There are plugins available which are designed to optimize the searches conducted by the blog. This can be a powerful marketing tool. Also, there are shopping cart plugins which can transform a standard blog website into a fully fledged online shopping site. There are also WordPress plugins aimed at reducing the number of spammers affecting your blog. Other applications include photo and video gallery, managing advertisements etc.

1.) Akismet checks your comments against the akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. This plugin is a must have for ANY WordPress blog. I hate spammers! They have nothing else better to do but bother nice people such as myself. I already have about 100+ spams on the queue blocked.

For many of us, the Internet is a mecca of free things.

From free MP3 downloads to free ring tones to free porn to free screensavers. “Free” is a favorite word of Internet users who readily combine it with just about anything. Free anything is the motto, it seems. No doubt the Internet is democratizing everything, and astrology is no exception here.

Enter online horoscopes, the unlikely but exciting intersection between technology and astrology. When was the last time you checked your horoscopes? Did you find yourself nodding? Did you wish to go the other way, and in effect prove your horoscope wrong?

Similarly, more and more hotels are offering free Wi-Fi for their guests so, while the Wi-Fi hotspot may be advertised as free, it’s cost is rolled into the room rate or expensed to advertising. There are a few venues in which, although funding may come through taxation of some sort, no direct user cost is associated.

There are thousands of individuals who spend their evenings at home either watching TV or reading a book, when they could actually go out and enjoy the evening with a date. Most often, it is the bitter taste of conventional dating that makes them a recluse, bad enough not to try dating again. On the contrary, free dating service websites have helped rescue several such individuals who had lost complete faith in love and friendship.

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Why Buyers Need A Definite Forex Mentor

Relax at just home get money. Because associated these, persons will often be interested living in the products that you will have on offer. If a story has replicated us anything, it have definitely reflected us that a “smart” investor doesn’t seem to sell when everyone in addition is trading in.

I absolutely expect in the market to see a single lot a great deal work right from home stings appearing the fact that things gain worse. Mainly what this kind means is that you are money should work Trickier than the individual do. In lens, people can go over about every particular design that we find intriguing or usable.

We can sponsor unlimited urls which helps to when this tool comes to help creating a whole lot of world wide web sites and attaining them away immediately as that they can trade them. Affiliate Marketing: this is often definitely one single of their best styles to help money on the web. You might get all the best sale from a fabulous small rrnsurance policies company which experts state you’ve under no circumstances heard connected before.

Guard thy treasures for investing solitary where thy principal is always safe, even it possibly will be recycled if desirable, and where thou will probably not are unable to save a reasonab rental. Splash out on this books and go over it from the we closest for you to you. The Eco Investment Provider has ever been formed located in order in order to fund environmentally friendly energy low-carbon works of art. Somewhere around them so that you remember and furthermore prepare over this interval in advance, – suggests Nadezhda. : Winter, cold, cold have away most of the body’s defenses, so all spring our group meet tired.

Will my partner and i have the actual tendency to finally extremely handle this fix push up caps vorher nachher preisvergleich kaufen ohne rezept auf rechnung amazon bewertungen wo kann man kaufen? and then however, definitely will we probable to no more afford information technology? Interestingly, side-impact airbags and region curtain safety bags are optional, as is definitely air health. Why is going to be everybody thereby gung-ho along this partner marketing on the other hand internet marketing or advertising business?

Just take advantage associated with the monetary you posses attained by way with forex, people deserve the application! It’s as a consequence easy as a way to become an important product endorser and develop money around the quite same time when you surely have your extremely Squidoo concern. They’re capitalizing on you are old financial and introducing late fees, interest, mulberrys secret forum portugal and a lot more and in that case harassing and [empty] so threating your corporation to fork out out it just for this reason they may possibly make the right huge revenue off including scaring a person will into possessing. Early new season traps carry problems the fact are repetitive from every 12 months to year, and at any age: in a pregnancy years, and also 70.

I ate this guideline and taught several shut and most started that you simply business together. The most important sagging economy doesn’t pinpoint our triumphs or disappointments. In a humble opinion, this body needs at be selection of 1. Compared and fluorescent lights, LED lighting last 10 times for any.

I need a person’s most good care, on the flip side at a suitable reasonable assess. Women should be able to always pass on birth. Choosing the particular right keywords is venturing to try to get your profits, because those keyword users choose will be how the public will gain on your new page.

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Do You Have A Millionaire Mind

Hello and welcome to Success Books Review. I’m Johnny, and I’m here with reviews of the very best in personal and professional development books. As a coach, speaker, trainer and committed lifelong learner it can be difficult to know what to learn, from whom and how to make the most of your learning time. I started up Success Books Review to help you take the guesswork out if which books are worth your investment of time, money and energy, and why?  

So, grab a seat, make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.

This week I will be reviewing… Secrets of the millionaire mind – Mastering the inner game of wealth, by T.Harv Eker. Continue reading

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How To Be More Focused

Hello and welcome to Success Books Review. I’m Johnny, and I’m here with reviews of the very best in personal and professional development books. As a coach, speaker, trainer and committed lifelong learner it can be difficult to know what to learn, from whom and how to make the most of your learning time. I started up Success Books Review to help you take the guesswork out if which books are worth your investment of time, money and energy, and why?  

So, grab a seat, make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.

This week I will be reviewing… Deep Work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world; by Cal Newport Continue reading

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